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Tiffiny Hall The Pronamel Acid Truth Survey Interview

The Pronamel Acid Truth Survey – a revealing new survey into the state of the nation’s oral health – has discovered that three out of four Australians surveyed (76%) claimed to have experienced acid wear on their teeth, yet less than a third (32%) knew ... [Published - 1 hour ago]
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Alkaline foods help you beat the heat

To beat the heat, Ayurvedic medicine, that ancient Indian body-balancing system, advocates eating foods that are alkaline. They reduce inflammation in the body and act as your personal air conditioning unit.So what foods are alkaline? Most fruits and ... [Published Providence Journal - 13 hours ago]
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Demoulas should listen to workers or suffer the consequences

When board directors at Demoulas Super Markets Inc. grocery story chain fired its CEO, Arthur T. Demoulas, earlier last month, they did so with the acidic disregard for sensible business practices that are the specialty of dysfunctional family businesses. ... [Published Business First of Buffalo - Jul 22 2014]
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Set of ink and reaction liquid, and image forming method

A set of an ink containing a pigment dispersed by a water-soluble resin and having the surface tension of 38 mN/m or less and a reaction liquid containing a polyvalent metal ion and a surfactant, which is an ethylene oxide adduct of a higher alcohol of ... [Published Free Patents Online - 23 hours ago]
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Weeds and your smart phone offer clues to what’s underfoot in your vineyard

Weeds aren’t all bad. Sure, they compete with your vines for water and nutrients. But, on the plus side, they can provide food and habitat for beneficial insects and wildlife. What’s more, as University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign horticulture educator ... [Published Western Farm Press - 23 hours ago]
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How to turn your hydrangeas pink and blue

Garden Guy Dale K. shows you which hydrangeas are best for your garden and how to turn them pink and blue -- simply gorgeous!-Hydrangeas change colors based on the pH level of your soil, the more alkaline the soil, the pinker the flowers.-To test, pour ... [Published KMSP-TV - Jul 22 2014]
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The unlikely causes of bad breath

We’ve all heard the tales of post-lunch onion-breath or apologising to co-workers for coffee-breath but they’re the least of your problems.Dr Harold Katz from The Breath Company, known as the Bad Breath Guru in Beverly Hills, has identified the four biggest ... [Published - Jul 22 2014]
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Synthesis of single crystalline sub-micron rutile TiO2 rods using hydro-thermal treatment in acidic media

Size engineered rutile sub-micron rods were obtained from nanostructured titania under acidic conditions. The synthesis was per-formed by hydrothermal treatment starting from TiO2-P25 and HCl. The synthesis proceeds in less than two hours and can be up-scaled ... [Published RSC - Jul 22 2014]
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Curable zirconia adhesive compositions for dental restorations

The present application relates to a polymerizable dental adhesive system formulated for effective and durable bonding of zirconia based materials and restorations to dental resins and dental surfaces. According to one embodiment, a polymerizable dental ... [Published Free Patents Online - Jul 22 2014]
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Amine-containing absorption medium, process and apparatus for absorption of acidic gases from gas mixtures

CO2 is absorbed from a gas mixture by contacting the gas mixture with an absorption medium which comprises at least water as solvent and at least one amine of formula (I) where R1 is an aliphatic radical, having 2 to 6 carbon atoms and at least one amino ... [Published Free Patents Online - Jul 22 2014]
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Summer meal plan #6 — my true food style

There is a diet for everything.As dorky as this sounds, for the longest time I had on my "to-do" list to research alkaline eating. What's that? Basically, science indicates that chronic disease flourishes in an acid environment, and a large percentage ... [Published Chicago Now - Jul 21 2014]
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Who would think that Coca Cola could be useful?

Here are some unusual uses for Coke that we conscientious mothers, who keep the stuff out of the house, may like to know.If one of your gang gets a bluebottle or jellyfish sting at the beach, head for the nearest family with a picnic box full of Cokes. ... [Published All4Women - Jul 21 2014]


"According to another embodiment of the present invention, there is provided use of the substance according to the present invention, for preventing, delaying the onset of or treating one or more than one immune-mediated inflammatory disorder in an organism who is susceptible to developing the immune-mediated inflammatory disorder, who is developing the immune-mediated inflammatory disorder or who has the immune-mediated inflammatory disorder."
'There is an overlap period between the ages of five and nine when baby teeth and adult teeth exist in the mouth together,' he explains. "So bacteria from decaying baby teeth will get to work on the adult teeth, too."

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Building Garden Soil With Wood Mulch [Published Green (Living) Review - 4 hours ago]
In the short term (two years), wood mulch can potentially lower soil fertility, but in the long term their value in building garden soil is beyond question. Most organic gardeners find that following nature’s patterns serves them well. When it comes ...
37 Quick Solutions For Common Manicure Woes [Published BuzzFeed - Latest - Jul 21 2014]
Mani-cure your nail polish problems! Problem: Bubbles ruin your manicure and sometimes don't show up until after your nails are dry. 1. Make sure there are no fans or sources of moving air in the room. Too much movement can induce bubbling 2. Despite ...
How Long should you wait to brush your teeth [Published HealthBoards - Jul 20 2014]
A lot of people say you should not brush your teeth right after you eat or drink acidic drinks. how long should you wait? ...
Reason Spuriously Accused by Conspiracy Theoris... [Published Hit & Run - Jul 19 2014]
<p><img alt="This is what supporting apartheid looks like, according to Mark Ames.|||" height="400" src="" title="This is what supporting apartheid looks ...
[tt] (The Antarctic Sun) Stressed out. Research... [Published TranshumanTech - Jul 19 2014]
(Also, there is article in Nature on the subject: [ ] "Winter and spring controls on the summer food web of the coastal WestAntarctic Peninsula" by Grace K. Saba et al., with the ...
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