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First reported Oct 24 2014 - Updated Oct 24 2014 - 1 reports

Docking study of novel antihyperlipaemic thieno[2,3-d]pyrimidine; LM-1554, with some molecular ...

An investigation into the mechanism of antihyperlipidaemic action of 2-chloromethyl-5,6,7,8-tetrahydrobenzo(b)thieno[2,3-d]pyrimidin-4(3H)-one (LM-1554) was carried out through docking experiments with six different molecular targets; Niemann Pick C1 ... [Published 7thSpace - Oct 24 2014]
First reported Oct 23 2014 - Updated Oct 23 2014 - 1 reports

Functionalization of Robust Zr(IV)-based Metal-Organic Framework Films via Postsynthetic Ligand Exchange

A facile and efficient fabrication approach for homogeneous, crack-free UiO-66 films with exceptionally high crystallinity and tunable thickness on a transparent and conductive glass substrate is reported. Two functionalized species, a catechol ligand ... [Published RSC - Oct 23 2014]
First reported Oct 21 2014 - Updated Oct 21 2014 - 1 reports

Depsipeptides and their therapeutic use

A compound of the general Structure (VII) or (VIII) including isoteres and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, wherein R1, R2 (where X=—CONR6—), R3 and R7 are the same or different and each represents an amino-acid side chain moiety; R2 (where ... [Published Free Patents Online - Oct 21 2014]
Entities: Moiety, In Vivo, Carbon
First reported Oct 18 2014 - Updated Oct 18 2014 - 1 reports

Understanding the Mechanism of Atovaquone Drug Resistance in Plasmodium falciparum Cytochrome b Mutation Y268S Using Computational Methods

by Bashir A. Akhoon, Krishna P. Singh, Megha Varshney, Shishir K. Gupta, Yogeshwar Shukla, Shailendra K. GuptaThe rapid appearance of resistant malarial parasites after introduction of atovaquone (ATQ) drug has prompted the search for new drugs as even ... [Published - Oct 18 2014]
First reported Oct 17 2014 - Updated Oct 17 2014 - 1 reports

Active site engineering in UiO-66 type metal-organic frameworks by intentional creation of defects: a theoretical rationalization

The catalytic activity of the Zr-benzenedicarboxylate (Zr-BDC) UiO-66 can be drastically increased if some BDC linkers are missing, as this removes the full coordination of the framework metal ions. As a result, metal centers become more accessible and ... [Published RSC - Oct 17 2014]
First reported Oct 16 2014 - Updated Oct 16 2014 - 1 reports

Substrate binding and specificity of rhomboid intramembrane protease revealed by substrate-peptide complex structures

IntroductionCleavage of transmembrane domains (TMDs) by intramembrane proteases has emerged as an important and evolutionarily widespread signalling and quality control mechanism with medical significance (Brown et al , 2000 ; Lemberg, 2011 ), but a full ... [Published EMBO Journal - Oct 16 2014]
First reported Oct 10 2014 - Updated Oct 10 2014 - 1 reports

Dual Effects of Alpha-Arbutin on Monophenolase and Diphenolase Activities of Mushroom Tyrosinase

by Liang Qin, Yang Wu, Youting Liu, Yiming Chen, Peng ZhangThe effects of α-arbutin on the monophenolase and diphenolase activities of mushroom tyrosinase were investigated. The results showed that α-arbutin inhibited monophenolase activity but it activated ... [Published - Oct 10 2014]
First reported Oct 07 2014 - Updated Oct 07 2014 - 1 reports

Unique properties of cbb3 H+ channel [Biophysics and Computational Biology]

Young O. Ahn a , Paween Mahinthichaichan a , Hyun Ju Lee b , Hanlin Ouyang a , Daniel Kaluka c , Syun-Ru Yeh c , Davinia Arjona b , Denis L. Rousseau c , Emad Tajkhorshid a , Pia Ädelroth b , and Robert B. Gennis a , 1 a Department of Biochemistry, ... [Published PNAS - Oct 07 2014]
First reported Oct 07 2014 - Updated Oct 07 2014 - 1 reports

Structure and regulation of the plant CIPKs [Plant Biology]

Antonio Chaves-Sanjuan a , Maria Jose Sanchez-Barrena a , Juana Maria Gonzalez-Rubio a , Maria Moreno a , Paula Ragel b , Marta Jimenez a , Jose M. Pardo b , Martin Martinez-Ripoll a , Francisco J. Quintero b , and Armando Albert a , 1 a Departamento ... [Published PNAS - Oct 07 2014]
Entities: Kinase, Active Site, Ion
First reported Sep 30 2014 - Updated Sep 30 2014 - 1 reports

Neuronal pain pathway modulators

The present invention relates to compounds that may be used to inhibit activation of protein kinase G (“PKG”). It is based, at least in part, on the discovery of the tertiary structure of PKG and the identification of molecules that either bind to the ... [Published Free Patents Online - Sep 30 2014]
First reported Sep 29 2014 - Updated Sep 29 2014 - 1 reports

Multi-Mode Binding of Cellobiohydrolase Cel7A from Trichoderma reesei to Cellulose

by Jürgen Jalak, Priit VäljamäeEnzymatic hydrolysis of recalcitrant polysaccharides like cellulose takes place on the solid-liquid interface. Therefore the adsorption of enzymes to the solid surface is a pre-requisite for catalysis. Here we used enzymatic ... [Published - Sep 29 2014]
First reported Sep 29 2014 - Updated Sep 29 2014 - 2 reports

Unlocking Enzyme Synthesis of Rare Sugars to Create Drugs with Fewer Side Effects

Contact InformationAvailable for logged-in reporters onlyNewswise — A team led by the U.S. Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory has unlocked the enzymatic synthesis process of rare sugars, which are useful in developing drugs with low ... [Published Newswise - Sep 29 2014]
Entities: Enzyme, Neutron, Sugar

Quotes critical in supporting our PCD re program at SickKids," says Dell, who also directs the SickKids PCD Clinic, which she established in 2004. "PCD is a rare disease so it is imperative that we work together to make discoveries that will improve patient care. This funding will allow us to develop screening and diagnostic testing strategies to help identify and diagnose children with this disease close to the time of birth, giving them the best chance of keeping their lungs healthy and having a long life."
Researchers Submit Patent Application, "DNA Polymerase Variants with Reduced Exonuclease Activity and Uses Thereof" , for Approval
"The expression of the murine and human QC in an eukaryotic host, as described in the present disclosure, allows the crystallization and structural refinement of a native mammalian QC and, importantly, unambiguous determination of the binding modes of inhibitors, as exemplified by the structural resolution of murine QC with three different inhibitory compounds (listed in Table 1 as Inhibitor A, Inhibitor B and Inhibitor C), which have similar inhibitory potency between human and murine QC."

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Inhibition of Human Aldehyde Oxidase Activity b... [Published Drug Metabolism And Disposition - Oct 17 2014]
Active site engineering in UiO-66 type metal-or... [Published RSC - Oct 17 2014]
New WSU palladium-iron catalyst could improve d... [Published Green Car Congress - Oct 17 2014]
New WSU palladium-iron catalyst could improve d... [Published Green Car Congress - Oct 17 2014]
The evolution of metazoan α-carbonic anhydrase... [Published 7thSpace - Oct 17 2014]
The severity of irritable bowel syndrome or the... [Published 7thSpace - Oct 17 2014]
The severity of irritable bowel syndrome or the... [Published BMC - Oct 17 2014]
Review of Selected NMEs 2014 [Published U.S.Pharmacist - Oct 16 2014]
How Cloud has Changed Data Center Technology [Published Data Center Knowledge - Oct 16 2014]
Highly Efficient and Enzymatic Regioselective U... [Published - Oct 16 2014]
Dynamic architecture of a protein kinase [Bioph... [Published PNAS - Oct 16 2014]
DNA end recognition by the Mre11 nuclease dimer... [Published EMBO Journal - Oct 16 2014]
Substrate binding and specificity of rhomboid i... [Published EMBO Journal - Oct 16 2014]
Studies from University of Wisconsin Yield New ... [Published 4 Traders - Oct 16 2014]
Is There a 4G Problem? [Published Radio World Newspaper - Oct 15 2014]
Tracking metal ions through a Cu/Ag efflux pump... [Published PNAS - Oct 14 2014]
How bacteria evolve defenses to antibiotics [Published - Oct 13 2014]
Coal good for humanity, says Abbott [Published Northern Territory News - Oct 13 2014]
South Pacific cruise visits Indonesian islands [Published Redlands Daily Facts - Oct 12 2014]
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New WSU palladium-iron catalyst could improve d... [Published Green Car Congress - Oct 17 2014]
The addition of palladium (Pd) prevents deactivation (addition of oxygen, red spheres) of an iron catalyst in the reaction that removes oxygen from biofuel feedstock. Credit: ACS, Hensley et al. . Click to enlarge. Washington State University ...
Beaufort Securities Breakfast Today including S... [Published Proactiveinvestors United Kingdom website - Sep 11 2014]
The Markets Market opening: Markets are likely to open higher today. FTSE 100 futures were trading 12.5 points up at 7:00 am. New York: Wall Street partially rebounded from its earlier losses, aided by a rally in social media stocks. Speculation over ...
New catalytic system for conversion of CO2 to m... [Published Green Car Congress - Aug 01 2014]
Scanning tunneling microscope image of a cerium-oxide and copper catalyst (CeOx-Cu) used in the transformation of CO2 and H2 to methanol (CH3OH) and water. In the presence of hydrogen, the Ce4+ and Cu1+ are reduced to Ce3+ and Cu0 with a change in ...
Altered Microbial Enzyme Eats Up Cocaine, Could... [Published Popular Science - New Technology, Science News, ... - Jun 24 2014]
A Pile Of Cocainevia STV Glasgow Bacteria that live in the soil near coca plants make an enzyme called cocaine esterase , which rapidly breaks down the drug. The enzyme could theoretically be useful to  destroy cocaine ingested by people before ...
Covalent Fragments [Published In the Pipeline - May 30 2014]
Many drug discovery researchers now have an idea of what to expect when a fragment library is screened against a new target. And some have had the experience of screening covalent, irreversible inhibitor structures against targets (a hot topic in recent ...
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Successful Test of Solve H2O(TM) Treatment Syst... [Published GlobeNewswire: Acquisitions News - May 20 2014]
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