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Xinwei to Purchase and Develop 19MW of DG Solar Power Projects in Shouguang Province

SPI Solar, a vertically-integrated photovoltaic solar developer, today announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Xinyu Xinwei New Energy Co., Ltd., has signed an agreement to purchase and develop approximately 19 megawatts of distributed generation ... [Published AZoCleantech - 14 hours ago]
First reported Sep 18 2014 - Updated Sep 18 2014 - 1 reports

What are River Turbine Farms?

By Alexander ChiltonImage Credit: Kichigin / Shutterstock.comRiver turbines are based on a simple technology designed to harness energy from flowing water, which is a clean and renewable source of power. The large-scale application of river turbines covering ... [Published AZoCleantech - Sep 18 2014]
First reported Sep 18 2014 - Updated Sep 18 2014 - 1 reports

Pioneering Research on Producing Liquid Fuels from Biorenewable Sources

After graduating from Northern Kentucky University with bachelor’s degrees in chemistry and accounting, Allen Morris decided to pursue graduate studies at the University of Wyoming for two primary reasons: the Rocky Mountain lifestyle, and an attractive ... [Published AZoCleantech - Sep 18 2014]
First reported Sep 16 2014 - Updated Sep 17 2014 - 1 reports

What is Algal Fuel?

By Will SoutterImage credit: KYTan/ShutterstockAlgal biofuel is an alternative to fossil fuel, which is generated by specific algae species from carbon dioxide.These algae species are primarily unicellular or diatom microalgae that produce high carbohydrate ... [Published AZoCleantech - Sep 16 2014]
Entities: Algae, Biofuels, Butanol, Biomass
First reported Sep 17 2014 - Updated Sep 17 2014 - 1 reports

Off-The-Grid Hyrdropower Charger

By Staff WritersImage Credit: HydroBeeWith an ever increasing number of mobile devices available to consumers, charging gadgets off-the-grid is rapidly becoming a hugely popular industry. Currently, the market provides a wide range of solar-powered ... [Published AZoCleantech - Sep 17 2014]
First reported Sep 15 2014 - Updated Sep 15 2014 - 1 reports

What is Biobutanol?

By AZoCleantech Staff WritersImage credit: Alexandru Nika/Shutterstock.comBiobutanol is a four-carbon alcohol produced by the fermentation of biomass. It has a long hydrocarbon chain which renders it fairly non-polar. The production of biobutanol can ... [Published AZoCleantech - Sep 15 2014]
First reported Sep 12 2014 - Updated Sep 12 2014 - 1 reports

Purdue-based startup manufactures high-value fragrance chemicals, improves biofuel production

A Purdue University innovator is commercializing technology that creates high-value, renewable chemicals used in the flavor and fragrance industry from wood lignin and that could make biofuel production more efficient.Mahdi Abu-Omar, founder and president ... [Published AZoCleantech - Sep 12 2014]
First reported Sep 11 2014 - Updated Sep 11 2014 - 1 reports

Make Your Own Biodiesel

The consistent and constant rise in fuel prices across the globe are a clear indication of the depletion of the world's oil resources. As a result biofuel, and biodiesel in particular as it is the most available, is now regarded as an affordable and easy ... [Published AZoCleantech - Sep 11 2014]
First reported Sep 10 2014 - Updated Sep 11 2014 - 1 reports

'Extremophile' Bacteria Could Address Nuclear Waste Disposal Problem

By Alessandro PiroliniImage Credit: kref/Shutterstock.comUniversity of Manchester researchers have found bacteria that can endure extreme conditions of radioactive waste disposal sites in soil samples obtained from a highly alkaline industrial site located ... [Published AZoCleantech - Sep 10 2014]
First reported Sep 10 2014 - Updated Sep 10 2014 - 1 reports

Students Develop Ground-Breaking New Cleantech Business Plans

Finals of Europe’s largest climate change Summer School demonstrate the future of climate change mitigation and adaptation is in safe hands.Students at the Bologna pitching finalsStudents from 40+ countries and representing more than 71 disciplines developed ... [Published AZoCleantech - Sep 10 2014]
First reported Sep 08 2014 - Updated Sep 08 2014 - 1 reports

Use of Carbon Capture Technology to Reduce CO2 Emissions

By Alessandro PiroliniSkymine carbon capture facility in Texas, under construction.Image Credit: John Davidson for Skyonic CorporationClimate change, in particular climate warming trends over the past century, is a global problem which 97% of climate ... [Published AZoCleantech - Sep 08 2014]
First reported Sep 08 2014 - Updated Sep 08 2014 - 1 reports

South Dakota Ecologist Highlights Vital Role of Wetlands

Wetlands may be the least understood ecosystem, but their value is immense, according to Distinguished Professor W. Carter Johnson of the South Dakota State University Department of Natural Resource Management. “Anything that affects them will have a ... [Published AZoCleantech - Sep 08 2014]


"The Purdue Foundry and Purdue Office of Technology Commercialization have been critical allies in developing our business plans, making connections with knowledgeable people and providing access to business and legal assistance" he said
...These will provide the reader a sense for how they could apply the content to their own challenges and opportunities." He continued, "GEMI intends to make each of the GEMI Quick Guides a 'living document' so they can evolve as experiences evolve. In addition, the case studies for each of the Guides will also be a "living document" so that additional case studies may be added by members as projects are developed and completed."
"Brazil is one of the most rapidly-growing regions where Novelis operates around the world," said Nardocci, "highlighted by recent growth driven by the World Cup. As we look ahead, we expect the anticipated increase in the population's disposable income and the upcoming Olympic Games to drive additional demand in the region."
"These grants play an important role to ensure the protection of our coastal waters," DEP Secretary E Christopher Abruzzo said. "This money will not only improve coastal waters, but provide additional recreational and educational opportunities for nearby residents."

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Xinwei to Purchase and Develop 19MW of DG Solar... [Published AZoCleantech - 14 hours ago]
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Penn State Concludes Pipe Construction to Incre... [Published AZoCleantech - Aug 25 2014]
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