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How well do you dress?

According to Eastern medicine principles, the body uses energy (chi, ki or prana) to function and stay alive. According to Western medicine (science) the body uses biochemical reactions to function and stay alive. Neither is wrong nor right; just different ... [Published - Jul 31 2014]
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Watering Plants

Water is as vital for plants as it is for other organisms. The pressure of water within the plant cells helps the plant’s leaves to remain firm. Water also is essential for most of the plant’s biochemical reactions. In addition, water stores essential ... [Published Guyana Chronicle Online - Jul 27 2014]
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12 Types of Ecosystems You Should Know About

Did You Know?The term Ecosystem was first coined by a British botanist, Arthur Roy Clapham, in the '30s, because of a request given by another British botanist, Arthur Tansley. Later, Tansley further used this term in various publications, and became ... [Published - Jul 25 2014]
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Systems and devices for isothermal biochemical reactions and/or analysis

An isothermal reaction and analysis system may include a receiver to receive sample holders, a thermal control subsystem to control a temperature of the receiver, an excitation subsystem, a detection subsystem and an analysis subsystem. Excitation sources ... [Published Free Patents Online - Jul 22 2014]
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Magnesium supplements may boost physical performance for older women: RCT

Daily supplementation with magnesium oxide in combination with a mild fitness program may boost the physical performance of healthy older women, says a new study.Data from 124 women with an average age of 71.5 indicated that 300 milligrams per day of ... [Published Nutra Ingredients USA - Jul 21 2014]
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5 Crucial Medical Tests Your Doctor Won't Tell You About

Many physicians believe that we need to rethink the routine medical tests we get during checkups.Research has shown that there are better diagnostics available than the typical lab work used by most doctors.However, insurance companies are often hesitant ... [Published - Jul 14 2014]
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4 trends defining the future of nutricosmetics

So what’s next in this emerging category? Anyone interested in the space should pay attention to these four trends, according to Paula Simpson, nutricosmetics formulation expert. Increasingly, beauty-from-within companies are delivering products focused ... [Published New Hope 360 - Jul 11 2014]
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Health Alert: An Essential Nutrient Most People Don’t Get Enough Of

Why You Should Drink More Water - Jul. 8, 2014 - TORRANCE, Calif. -- Nutrition can get complicated. It’s filled with three and four-syllable words. And the recommendations are constantly changing. It’s easy for people to become paralyzed with the fear ... [Published Prlog - Jul 08 2014]
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Somehow we live on$

I consider myself a poorly emoted person but some instances in life leave no other option than questioning one’s own psyche about the perceptions of life and death. I was shocked to learn about the bike accident of my friend, Saroj, that took away his ... [Published - Jul 05 2014]
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Build up immunity this monsoon

Ishi Khosla/PreventionGet socialIs monsoon the season of frequent illnesses for you? Here's how you can build a better defence to fight off bad bugs.With rains comes flu and fever, stomach bugs, bacterial, viral and fungal infections. A diet consisting ... [Published InToday - Jul 03 2014]
Entities: Vegetables, Immunity, Diet
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Fluidic devices and methods for multiplex chemical and biochemical reactions

The present invention describes microfluidic devices that provide novel fluidic structures to facilitate the separation of fluids into isolated, pico-liter sized compartments for performing multiplexing chemical and biological reactions. Applications ... [Published Free Patents Online - Jul 01 2014]
First reported Jun 26 2014 - Updated Jun 26 2014 - 2 reports

Researchers from National Institutes of Health Report Recent Findings in Biochemistry (Uniform Fluorescent Nanobioprobes for Pathogen Detection)

By a News Reporter-Staff News Editor at Life Science Weekly -- Current study results on Biochemistry have been published. According to news reporting from Bethesda, Maryland, by NewsRx journalists, research stated, "Manipulating biochemical reactions ... [Published TVNewsCheck - Jun 26 2014]


"Getting into this class was like ‘The Hunger Games,’" said life sciences major Dianne Lumaquin. "I know people who waited two years to get in. People have celebratory dances when they learn they’re enrolled — including me — and the ones who don’t get in are devastated. People sit in the aisles for all ten weeks, which is crazy; in other classes, that usually stops by the second week."
...Dr Fitzgerald emphasises that "In order to develop treatments for secondary degeneration, we need to understand the biochemical reactions that occur in tissue that succumbs to spreading damage" . The research team has discovered that biochemical changes leading to oxidative stress damage insulating myelin around nerve cells, associated with long...
"And since FBP1 activity is also lost in liver cancer , which is quite prevalent, FBP1"
"This study is the first stop in this line of research for coming up with a personalized approach for people with clear cell renal cell carcinoma-related mutations" says Simon, also an investigator with the Howard HughesHoward Hughes Medical Institute

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Vitamin B12 Deficiency and its Neurological Con... [Published Brain Blogger - Jul 30 2014]
B complex vitamins are important for various functions of the human body. Be it energy production, body defense mechanisms, or red blood cell formation, the B group vitamins play pivotal roles and carry on the functions by working in tandem or all alone. ...
Small Energy [Published NeuroLogica Blog - Jun 24 2014]
Energy is what makes stuff happen. The ability to generate energy in useful amounts and locations is key to our civilization. Often when discussing energy we are focusing on big energy, how to make large amounts of energy in a cost-effective manner ...
Deconstructing metaphors [Pharyngula] [Published ScienceBlogs : Combined Feed - Jun 16 2014]
Oh, that’s right — that’s what philosophers are good for. They’re really good at questioning models. John Wilkins has been busily dismantling the cheap and easy metaphors we use to describe molecular biological concepts in a series of posts, taking on ...
The Editor's Letter From The June 2014 Issue Of... [Published Popular Science - New Technology, Science News, ... - May 22 2014]
Cliff RansomPhotograph by Marius Bugge On December 7, 1972, an astronaut aboard Apollo 17 snapped the first fully illuminated photograph of Earth from space. The Blue Marble Shot, as it came to be known, is one of the most widely published photos ...
Chemist Thérèse Wilson dies at 88 [Published Harvard Gazette - May 19 2014]
Thérèse Wilson, a chemist at Harvard for more than five decades and an expert in chemiluminescence and bioluminescence, died peacefully in Cambridge on April 28. Born in Brussels to Frédèric and Claire Bremer, she studied at the Université Libre de ...
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