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Want to reboot civilization? What you’ll need

Most of usWhen you’re looking down the barrel of a civilization-erasing event, you have to plan for a world where humanity has lost everything. Canned goods might be nice, but you’d better have brought along a can opener—or know how to make one. In the ... [Published Boston Globe - 3 hours ago]
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SIMON HEFFER: How can this great, UNITED Kingdom which gave the world Christian civilisation just tear itself apart?

On this holiest of days for Christians, when churches and chapels will be filled with people rejoicing at Jesus Christ's Resurrection, we should reflect on the central place Christianity still occupies in our apparently secular society.We are a nation, ... [Published Mail Online UK - 10 hours ago]
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torture by Western civilization

"The committee's report found that the interrogation techniques devised by Mitchell, a retired air force psychologist, were far more brutal than disclosed at the time, and did not yield useful intelligence. These included waterboarding, stress positions, ... [Published The Angry Arab News Service/وكالة أنباء العربي ... - 17 hours ago]
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[AppleTell] Civilization takes to the stars in "Beyond Earth" this fall

So the big news this week in gaming (and I don’t care if the inventor of chess came back from the dead with new rules) was the announcement of a new Sid Meier’s  Civilization game. This alone would be enough to start many a strategy gamer to salivate. ... [Published Technology Tell - 17 hours ago]
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Chinese premier stresses protection of local chronicles

Contributed by NAMPA / Xinhua.BEIJING, April 19 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Saturday stressed better compilation and protection of local chronicles nationwide.Local chronicles carry the long Chinese civilization and historical wisdom, and ... [Published Namibia Press Agency - 18 hours ago]
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Where's all the life?

In the years since the Second World War, scientists of many stripes have calculated the probability of other life existing somewhere in the universe. With around 125 billion galaxies estimated through Hubble telescope observation, one estimate states ... [Published St. Albert Gazette - Apr 19 2014]
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War Is Good for Us, Dumb New Book Claims

Ian Morris has stuck his dog's ear in his mouth, snapped a selfie, and proclaimed "Man Bites Dog." His new book War: What Is It Good For? Conflict and Progress of Civilization from Primates to Robots is intended to prove that war is good for ... ... [Published Scoop NZ - Scoops - Apr 19 2014]
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There is a Carbon Fuel Colossus that powers our civilization and poisons our planet . It is top dog in our modern times and its fall will be tragic for some, joyous for others.  We must make sure it does not take down our civilization with it.You can’t ... [Published Daily Kos - Apr 19 2014]
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Sid Meier: Factions Are Not Just Formulas for Min/Max Strategy in Civilization: Beyond Earth

Sid Meier, the veteran game developer who created the entire Civilization franchise, says that he had no favorite faction in the classic Alpha Centauri title and was willing to try and use the strategies and core concepts associated with each one in order ... [Published Softpedia - Apr 19 2014]
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Russia’s new culture policy a weapon against West

MOSCOW: The Kremlin is preparing a new culture policy for Russia focusing on its distinctive civilisation and traditional values, which observers say has political ends amid Moscow’s standoff with the West.At the end of four hours of questions Thursday ... [Published Daily Times - Apr 19 2014]
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New Muslim Renaissance? It's Here

History is witness to a time past when the Islamic civilization produced globally unparallelled architecture, literature, science, philosophy, theological discourse, and cultural influences – influences so strong it made European nobles want to dress ... [Published Huffington Post - Apr 18 2014]
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Sid Meier: Replayability and Choice Make Civilization Successful

Civilization: Beyond Earth is the most recent big project from the development team at Firaxis and the leader of the studio, Sid Meier, believes that it can introduce a number of solid new features while keeping the core elements of the franchise it belongs ... [Published Softpedia - Apr 18 2014]


...His message: Take Jesus out of the suitcase. And, when you unpack him, lead with love, not with doctrinal or ideological hurdles. "Works of love directed to one's neighbor are the most perfect external manifestation of the interior grace of the Spirit." His invitation to the Christian faithful is not to throw out their doctrinal heritage and traditions, but to be agents who close the gap between belief...
Feiler opined that "the idea that one biblical story [the Exodus] has inspired such radically different leaders as George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, Lyndon Johnson and Ronald Reagan, G W Bush and Barack Obama, suggests that the story has transcended time and political party to become a leitmotif of the American presidency.... No single thinker has had more sustained influence on American history, over a longer period, than Moses."
But even to Friedman, Musk's initial proposal to launch his own rocket seemed ludicrous. “I said "Are you crazy? Everybody who tries to get into the rocket business quickly learns that it costs a lot more money than they thought." He said to me, 'I know, but I can dodo it.' ”
But he added: "One of the other main reasons to offer it is in terms of fairness."

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It’s Indie Time [Published Doc Searls Weblog - 31 mins ago]
Aral Balkan  is working up a lot of good buzz for his  Indie Phone  and  Indie Tech Manifesto . His current talk is  Free is a Lie , which lays out his case quite nicely. To see where he’s going, look at this 1964 drawing by  Paul Baran ,  one of the ...
Late Night: Mary Magdalene [Published Firedoglake - 6 hours ago]
Mary Magdalene, by He Qi Mary Magdalene represents the ebb and flow of misogyny in western society, mostly flowing these days, don’t you think? My Sunday School image of her was the fallen woman but now I doubt that. Of course we can never know the ...
Who is using spies and lies to grab power in Ki... [Published Mail Online - Peter Hitchens - 9 hours ago]
This is Peter Hitchens' Mail on Sunday columnWhat would you think if Russia’s spy chief had been discovered last week, roaming round Ukraine?The British media would have been raging and howling about sinister Kremlin meddling.Well, as far as I know, no ...
Lawrence Krauss brings some lively insights and... [Published The Reference Frame - 11 hours ago]
A visit that the narcissist had to like Tonight, people called me to remind me about a program on the ČT24 channel of the Czech Public TV: Hyde Park Civilization (1-hour interview with Lawrence Krauss, Czech video) at "English version" at the ...
Business Insider Finds Your Futurist Sci-Fi Tec... [Published Wonkette - 17 hours ago]
Business Insider has breaking news: Americans believe crazy shit about science. Just think of the 18% of  people who believe The Flintstones was loosely based on a true story. The National Science Foundation must have wept when they realized ...
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“Climate Change War” Is Not a Metaphor [Published Slate Magazine - Apr 18 2014]
How Will Facebook Die? [Published Slate Magazine - Feb 04 2014]

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Mantle Takes to the Stars with Sid Meier’s Civi... [Published AMD - Apr 14 2014]
Upcoming exhibition: Our Inner Nature [Published Marabouparken - Feb 17 2014]
Upcoming exhibitions: On Invasive Grounds and O... [Published Marabouparken - Feb 17 2014]
W. P. Carey renforce sa présence mondiale grâce... [Published Financial Services - Dec 05 2013]
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