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First reported Jul 29 2014 - Updated Jul 29 2014 - 1 reports

Ancient chemistry in modern cells

Parts of the ’primordial soup’ from which life originated are still in our cells today, according to scientists at the University of East Anglia (UEA).Research published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry reveals how cells in plants, yeast and very ... [Published Laboratorytalk - Jul 29 2014]
First reported Jul 29 2014 - Updated Jul 29 2014 - 1 reports

UV-induced charge separation in a DNA dinucleotide [Biophysics and Computational Biology]

Yuyuan Zhang a , Jordan Dood a , Ashley A. Beckstead a , Xi-Bo Li b , Khiem V. Nguyen b , Cynthia J. Burrows b , 1 , Roberto Improta c , 1 , and Bern Kohler a , 1 a Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Montana State University, Bozeman, MT ... [Published PNAS - Jul 29 2014]
First reported Jul 21 2014 - Updated Jul 21 2014 - 1 reports

A solar light-driven, eco-friendly protocol for highly enantioselective synthesis of chiral alcohols via photocatalytic/biocatalytic cascades

Judicious utilization of solar light in asymmetric synthesis of optically active compounds by imitating natural photosynthesis introduces a new concept that harnesses this renewable energy in vitro to be ultimately transformed in the form of chiral chemical ... [Published RSC - Jul 21 2014]
First reported Jul 21 2014 - Updated Jul 21 2014 - 1 reports

Open Label Data on Enhanced Sleep Released by JayMac Pharmaceuticals, LLC

PRWebSleep disturbances such as insomnia, hypersomnia, and poor sleep quality are closely correlated with depression. According to a study published by the National Institutes of Health: "About three quarters of depressed patients have insomnia symptoms, ... [Published Reliance Trust - Jul 21 2014]
First reported Jul 18 2014 - Updated Jul 18 2014 - 1 reports

SKIP expression is correlated with clinical prognosis in patients with bladder cancer - Abstract

The Ski-interacting protein (SKIP) is a transcriptional cofactor distinct from other cofactors and is involved in regulation of many cancer-related proteins.However, its distribution and clinical significances in bladder cancer remains poorly understood. ... [Published UroToday - Jul 18 2014]
First reported Jul 16 2014 - Updated Jul 16 2014 - 1 reports

Recent Advances in Radical SAM Enzymology: New Structures and Mechanisms

Department of Chemistry, University of Michigan , Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109, United States ACS Chem. Biol. , Article ASAP DOI: 10.1021/cb5004674 Publication Date (Web): July 10, 2014 Copyright © 2014 American Chemical Society AbstractThe radical S-adenosylmethionine ... [Published ACS Chemical Biology - Jul 16 2014]
Entities: Enzyme, Mechanic, tRNA
First reported Jul 15 2014 - Updated Jul 15 2014 - 1 reports

Genetic determinants of amidating enzyme activity and its relationship with metal cofactors in human serum

Research articleEric D Gaier , Alison Kleppinger , Martina Ralle , Jonathan Covault , Richard E Mains , Anne M Kenny and Betty A EipperBMC Endocrine Disorders 2014, 14 :58doi:10.1186/1472-6823-14-58Published: 15 July 2014Abstract (provisional) Backg ... [Published BMC - Jul 15 2014]
First reported Jul 10 2014 - Updated Jul 10 2014 - 1 reports

Structure, Biochemistry, and Inhibition of Essential 4′-Phosphopantetheinyl Transferases from Two Species of Mycobacteria

4′-Phosphopantetheinyl transferases (PPTase) post-translationally modify carrier proteins with a phosphopantetheine moiety, an essential reaction in all three domains of life. In the bacterial genus Mycobacteria, the Sfp-type PPTase activates pathways ... [Published ACS Chemical Biology - Jul 10 2014]
First reported Jul 07 2014 - Updated Jul 07 2014 - 1 reports

Ozzy Osbourne returns to St. Louis

Get ready to scream because Ozzy Osbourne is returning to St. Louis, Mo. to promote his new album "SCREAM."  He is playing Scottrade Center Dec. 10 with Halford as the the opening act.  Tickets go on sale 10 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 25 and are available for ... [Published - Jul 07 2014]
First reported Jul 02 2014 - Updated Jul 02 2014 - 1 reports

Researchers from Jiangnan University Report Details of New Studies and Findings in the Area of Biotechnology (Engineering redox balance through...

Researchers from Jiangnan University Report Details of New Studies and Findings in the Area of Biotechnology (Engineering redox balance through cofactor systerms)By a News Reporter-Staff News Editor at Biotech Week -- Investigators publish new report ... [Published - Jul 02 2014]
First reported Jul 01 2014 - Updated Jul 01 2014 - 1 reports

Method for protecting and treating at least one muscarinic receptor from dysfunction resulting from free radical damage

Methods and compositions for enhancing cellular function through protection of a tissue components such receptors, proteins, lipids, nucleic acids, carbohydrates, hormones, vitamins, and cofactors, by administering pyrophosphate analogs or related co ... [Published Free Patents Online - Jul 01 2014]
First reported Jun 24 2014 - Updated Jun 24 2014 - 1 reports

Antibiotic role in programmed translation arrest [Biochemistry]

Shanmugapriya Sothiselvam a , Bo Liu b , Wei Han b , Haripriya Ramu a , Dorota Klepacki a , Gemma Catherine Atkinson c , d , e , Age Brauer f , Maido Remm f , Tanel Tenson c , Klaus Schulten b , Nora Vázquez-Laslop a , 1 , and Alexander S. ... [Published PNAS - Jun 24 2014]


...year's participants will also attend the 248 th ACS National Meeting & Exposition in San Francisco , a platform for scientific professionals to "present, publish, discuss and exhibit the most exciting research discoveries and technologies in chemistry and its related disciplines."
"As panic mounted, so did internal squabbling. As usual in such circumstances, raging helplessness found its most available targets close at hand. Mike was far more sensitive to people, and more generous about their apprehensions and actions, than either Berkowitz or Sonnabend. Both of them, for example, disparaged Dr. Larry Mass. Berkowitz -- and Sonnabend still more so -- insisted that Mass, in Sonnabend's words, 'doesn't have the credentials to be writing in this area...It's a highly technical subject...He actually makes me angry.' When Mass told Sonnabend in one long discussion that 'there's so much epidemiological stuff for the single virus' theory, Sonnabend reported his own reaction as: 'Well, like what? And we waited and he had nothing to say. Just silence...his intellect [isn't] working...his intentions are good...he wants to help...he's not a bad man.' Mike told both Berkowitz and Sonnabend that they were being 'arrogant' and predicted that 'before it's all over [Mass will] be on our side.'" (from a series of mid-1982 to early 1983 transcripts of taped conversations, in various combinations)
"The matrix of bone will incorporate calcium and nutrients where they belong as long as the proper hormones and nutrients are present" she wrote in a recent piece on osteoporosis
"These 16 Fellows will further contribute to the high quality re environment at ANU. In particular, we will be welcoming five impressive international reers to undertake their projects here" she said

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A solar light-driven, eco-friendly protocol for... [Published RSC - Jul 21 2014]
Open Label Data on Enhanced Sleep Released by J... [Published Reliance Trust - Jul 21 2014]
Inhibition of SREBP Transcriptional Activity by... [Published Diabetes - Jul 19 2014]
SKIP expression is correlated with clinical pro... [Published UroToday - Jul 18 2014]
Substrate- and Cofactor-independent Inhibition ... [Published ACS Chemical Biology - Jul 18 2014]
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Tannin formulation for treating GI spasms in a ... [Published PharmCast - Jul 17 2014]
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Recent Advances in Radical SAM Enzymology: New ... [Published ACS Chemical Biology - Jul 16 2014]
Investigators from Osaka University Zero in on ... [Published - Jul 16 2014]
Pesticide compositions and methods for their use [Published Free Patents Online - Jul 15 2014]
Novel Missense Variants of ZFPM2/FOG2 Identifie... [Published - Jul 15 2014]
C4X Discovery Patent Granted In Japan [Published BioSpace - Jul 15 2014]
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DNA nanotechnology replicates enzyme cascade [Published the Foresight Institute - Jun 05 2014]
Photo by: Jason Drees, Biodesign Institute at ASU Five years ago this blog pointed to progress in using DNA scaffolding to organize functional modules for use in the modular molecular composite nanosystems (MMCNs) route to atomically precise ...
Feds Spend $194,788 to Study How Transwomen Use... [Published Washington Free Beacon - May 30 2014]
The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is spending nearly $200,000 to study how transgender women use social networking sites like Facebook and how their use affects their chances of getting HIV. The Friends Research Institute, based in Maryland, received ...
Evolutionary conservation of the eumetazoan gen... [Published Genome Research current issue - Apr 01 2014]
Despite considerable differences in morphology and complexity of body plans among animals, a great part of the gene set is shared among Bilateria and their basally branching sister group, the Cnidaria. This suggests that the common ancestor of eumetazoans ...
Genetics Home Reference: molybdenum cofactor de... [Published NLM General Announcements - Mar 25 2014]
New Topic on Genetics Home Reference ...
Cannabis And Schizophrenia, Ctd [Published The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan - Feb 05 2014]
In a review of A New Leaf: The End of Cannabis Prohibition , Jerome Groopman questions the alleged link: Perhaps the most controversial and important concern around cannabinoids is whether they increase the risk of psychoses like schizophrenia. This ...
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