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Uncoupling Different Characteristics of the C. elegans E Lineage from Differentiation of Intestinal Markers

by Scott M. Robertson, Jessica Medina, Rueyling LinIn the 4-cell C. elegans embryo, a signal from P 2 to its anterior sister, EMS, specifies the posterior daughter of EMS, E, as the sole founder cell for intestine. The P 2 -to-EMS signal restricts high ... [Published Plosone.org - 1 hour ago]
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Inside the Story: The Quadruplet Surprise

(KUTV) A young couple in Utah County says they can’t believe they are going to have quadruplets."It's really exciting," said the mother Ashley Gardner. "It's so hard to describe because it's so exciting and so terrifying all in one emotion.""Oh my gosh, ... [Published KUTV.com - 1 hour ago]
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Amino Acid Supplementation Affects Imprinted Gene Transcription Patterns in Parthenogenetic Porcine Blastocysts

by Chi-Hun Park, Young-Hee Jeong, Yeun-Ik Jeong, Jeong-Woo Kwon, Taeyoung Shin, Sang-Hwan Hyun, Eui-Bae Jeung, Nam-Hyung Kim, Sang-Kyo Seo, Chang-Kyu Lee, Woo-Suk HwangTo determine whether exogenous amino acids affect gene transcription patterns in parthenogenetic ... [Published Plosone.org - 5 hours ago]
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'Breakthrough' stem cell study retracted

(CNN) -- It was hailed as a fast, easy, inexpensive and uncontroversial way to produce stem cells.Scientists took a skin cell and coaxed it into acting like an embryo, producing embryonic-like stem cells that could theoretically be turned into any cell ... [Published KMOV.com - 6 hours ago]
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Frozen embryos: Who do they belong to?

Karla Dunston started having trouble breathing in March 2010. An examination revealed the 38-year-old doctor at St. Alexius Medical Center in Hoffman Estates had a tumor behind her breastbone.The diagnosis was non-Hodgkin lymphoma, a form of cancer that ... [Published Chicago Lawyer - 7 hours ago]
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Can Data Motivate Hospital Leaders to Improve Care Transitions?

(Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares) Scientists at the Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares have discovered the key to the appearance of the first differentiated cell types in mammalian embryos. This differentiation event ... [Published Infrosoft - 8 hours ago]
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What the Internet really looks like

TechCentral’s editors curate 10 of the most interesting technology pieces from around the Web they’ve come across in the past week for your reading pleasure.The Internet is a vast series of tubes, computers and devices, networked together sharing the ... [Published TechCentral.co.za - 14 hours ago]
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ANN ARBOR: U-M stem cell research: ‘We’re doing the thing the people of Michigan asked us to do’ (1)

Five years ago this month, Michigan voters did something extraordinary for science. Today, Gary Smith and his team a the MStem Cell laboratory carry out the research that voters approved: coaxing human embryonic stem cells to grow and flourish so that ... [Published Belleville View - 15 hours ago]
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Future Nutrition Research Essential for Sustainability

Poultry News 02 September 2014AUSTRALIA - Over five decades, the poultry industry has developed from a backyard operation to the world’s largest animal protein supplier for human consumption. The poultry industry has done a remarkable job in its low carbon ... [Published The Poultry Site - 16 hours ago]
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MicroRNA-34 family expression in bovine gametes and preimplantation embryos

Oocyte fertilization and successful embryo implantation are key events marking the onset of pregnancy. In sexually reproducing organisms, embryogenesis begins with the fusion of two haploid gametes, each of which has undergone progressive stages of m ... [Published 7thSpace - 23 hours ago]
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UGA scientists part of team that grew new organ in mouse

A team of scientists that includes University of Georgia genetics professor Nancy Manley have grown an organ for the first time in an animal.Their success in inducing a mouse to grow a new thymus raises the possibility that scientists might be able to ... [Published OnlineAthens - 23 hours ago]
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Vein patterns in the wings of developing fruit flies never vary by more than the width of a single cell.RIGID CONSTRUCTION: The wing vein patterns of two flies deviate from one another by a width no greater than half a cell. THOMAS GREGOREDITOR'S CHOICE ... [Published The Scientist - Sep 01 2014]


...Snyder noted. "The general principles of regulation are more or less similar." Still, they found differences as well...
"Our support system and our faith has taken us to where we are right now" said Tyson. "You have to thank God."
"They have literally made millions of dollars by kidnapping and ransom. They are now the richest terror group in the world, north of $500 billion worth of resources,” he said."
...and spreading of individual cells and their progeny over the entire patterning process of stripe formation in the living and growing animal. "We had to develop a very gentle procedure to be able to observe individual fish repeatedly over long periods of time. So we used a state of the art microscope which allowed us to reduce the adverse effects of fluorescence illumination to a minimum" says Ajeet Singh, first author of the earlier NCB study

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Paying for IVF [Published Health Business Blog - 3 hours ago]
You paid how much for me? Advances in fertility treatment have greatly expanded the number of people who can become parents. But treatment is expensive and –in most states– is not covered by health insurance. Patients often pay tens of thousands ...
Identity crisis: Will genetic alterations modif... [Published The Next Web - Aug 31 2014]
“Keep in mind, this child is still you. Simply, the best, of you. You could conceive naturally a thousand times and never get such a result.” – Fictional geneticist in the 1997 film Gattaca. As a side effect of science fiction novels, many of us find ...
Nasal Cartilage Cells Can Replace Joint Cartilage [Published Fight Aging! - Aug 29 2014]
Cartilage regeneration and tissue engineering has proven more difficult than initially expected. It is a tissue with a deceptively complex structure, in which important mechanical properties necessary to its load-bearing role are derived from the details ...
What Some Are Calling the “Holy Grail” of Stem ... [Published Future of BioPharma - Aug 27 2014]
Australian researchers have made what some are calling one of the most significant discoveries in the history of stem cell research. Thanks to a recent study involving zebrafish, researchers have uncovered how hematopoietic stem cells, one of the most ...
Who Cares If a Baby Has Three Parents? [Published Hit & Run - Aug 26 2014]
<p><img alt="Mitochrondria transfer" height="225" src="http://cloudfront-assets.reason.com/assets/db/14090735686912.jpg" title="Old-fashioned cytoplasm transfer is being updated|||The Independent" width="300" style="float: right;"/&gt;The creepily named ...
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Journey through quail embryo wins Nikon science... [Published Reuters Video: Business - Apr 23 2014]
Journey through quail embryo wins Nikon science... [Published Reuters Video: Technology - Apr 23 2014]
Embryo Testing Should Not Be Controversial [Published Slate Magazine - Mar 19 2014]
Cambridge scientists film embryo implantation f... [Published Reuters Video: Business - Mar 10 2014]
Cambridge scientists film embryo implantation f... [Published Reuters Video: Technology - Mar 10 2014]

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Largest U.S. Frozen Donor Egg Bank Hits 1,000 E... [Published GlobeNewswire: Advertising News - Aug 14 2014]
Photo Release -- Fish Embryo Toxicology Testing... [Published GlobeNewswire: Advertising News - Jun 16 2014]
Video of Quail Embryo Wins First Place in Third... [Published GlobeNewswire: Acquisitions News - Apr 23 2014]
Little Shot Of Horrors? [Published PR Newswire - Dec 16 2013]
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