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K2 Summit bid - Time for the Ultimate Push

(By ) Weather is holding, snow conditions are good, forecast is promising and majority of climbers reached C4 (7800m), this afternoon. After resting and eating/drinking for a few hours, it’s the time for the ultimate push. It’s the time to go to the summit ... [Published ExplorersWeb - 1 hour ago]
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First reported Jul 24 2014 - Updated 13 hours ago - 1 reports

The Big One - Summit Attempt on K2

(By ) The 60th anniversary of K2’s first ascent may also be the year of many summits on the mountain. Adequate climbing conditions and prolonged summit window are not a very common combination on this mountain. Currently, as majority of climbers are negotiating ... [Published ExplorersWeb - Jul 24 2014]
First reported Jul 23 2014 - Updated Jul 24 2014 - 2 reports

Broad Peak Summits Day-2, Success on GII

(By , as information arrives from the mountain)First summits of the season were witnessed on Broad Peak, yesterday. As reported, Romanian Alex Gavan summited along with Bulgarians Boyan Petrov and Ivan Tomov. However, the challenges of Broad Peak Middle ... [Published ExplorersWeb - Jul 24 2014]
Entities: P.E.A.K, Pakistan, Push
First reported Jul 23 2014 - Updated Jul 23 2014 - 1 reports

Paiju Peak: Inurrategi, Vallejo and Zabala on technical Big

(By ) "All measured. All calculated. Meticulous work, effort and patience,” are some of the words the three Spaniards describe ascending the 1000m Big Wall on Paiju South Peak. Moving upwards 20 meters an hour, Mikel Zabala described it as some of the ... [Published ExplorersWeb - Jul 23 2014]
First reported Jul 22 2014 - Updated Jul 22 2014 - 1 reports

The Explorer's Daughter: "I Love this Life"

(Tina Sjogren) Micke Strandberg is well known at ExplorersWeb for his deep winter Siberia expeditions and other travels around the world on foot, by horse, camel, kayak or whatever means locally available. Last year Micke embarked on a journey of a different ... [Published ExplorersWeb - Jul 22 2014]
First reported Jul 22 2014 - Updated Jul 22 2014 - 1 reports

K2 Heads Up - Summit Push is ON

(Newsdesk) Feed headlines in the dispatch section show climbers have commenced their summit push on K2. Find team's direct reports in the streams and wraps to be compiled in the main news section. Godspeed climbers! EMAIL PRINT SHARE TEXT ... [Published ExplorersWeb - Jul 22 2014]
First reported Jul 21 2014 - Updated Jul 21 2014 - 1 reports

Towards Summit on Broad Peak, K2 and GII

(By ) It snowed in the region from July 16 to 19th, but Sunday was a perfect sunny day. Teams are now gearing up for the summit attempts. Some of Broad Peak climbers have already left the BC, with summits expected from July 23rd onwards. On K2, it appears ... [Published ExplorersWeb - Jul 21 2014]
First reported Jul 19 2014 - Updated Jul 19 2014 - 1 reports

Exweb Interview with Samuli Mansikka | "We might see many

(By ) He leads treks and expeditions to less challenging mountains/passes throughout the year, but climbs 8000m peaks unassisted and independently, “to look back at life, live in the moment and plan the upcoming”. Finnish climber Samuli Mansikka has summited ... [Published ExplorersWeb - Jul 19 2014]
First reported Jul 18 2014 - Updated Jul 18 2014 - 1 reports

Borge Ousland and Vincent Colliard to cross 20 largest

(By ) Veteran Norwegian polar explorer, Borge Ousland (52), and 28-year-old French adventurer, Vincent Colliard, have teamed up for a long term project. Their aim is to cross the 20 largest glaciers on earth in the next 10 years. This journey will take ... [Published ExplorersWeb - Jul 18 2014]
First reported Jul 17 2014 - Updated Jul 17 2014 - 1 reports

All Set for Summit Push on K2 and Broad Peak

(By ) The acclimatization chapter of majority of expeditions concludes here as they get settled in Base Camps to rest and recover. Heavy snowfall and strong wind gusts have been reported from the region. The conditions shall improve in a couple of days. ... [Published ExplorersWeb - Jul 17 2014]
First reported Jul 16 2014 - Updated Jul 16 2014 - 1 reports

Adopt a Positive Viewpoint: Sean Chapple’s Insights

(By ) In my previous article I listed the nine essential principles required to significantly increase levels of performance in your team; and ultimately your success. They formed the mnemonic ADVENTURE:Ø Adopt a positive viewpointØ Develop an appetite ... [Published ExplorersWeb - Jul 16 2014]
First reported Jul 15 2014 - Updated Jul 15 2014 - 1 reports

Another Summit Attempt on Broad Peak, Struggle Continues on

(By ) Boyan Petrov’s summit push was thwarted at around 7700m, after trail-breaking in fresh snow for seven hours. He was first (and the only) climber to go above C3 after fresh snowfall. Boyan has now retreated to BC for rest and recovery, before another ... [Published ExplorersWeb - Jul 15 2014]


"Scaling down to sleep, scale back the next day and so on gaining yards in the wall to find a point to move the camp. Remove everything, carry it up the wall and back to mount, to ensure all the material so that nothing falls into the vacuum." records already broken but we have been asked by Dana not to disclose them since it would take away media focus from the expedition mission: "Meet people and animals, inspire others to get out of the crib, and have fun." Expedition Mission (click "mission" tag below tracking map) Dispatches and more Previous: Heads up: Mikael Strandberg to travel with reindeer people...
"Today I was in a dicey section in a near vertical rock band, I slid my ice axe sideways between my body and back pack. I needed both of my hands free to climb. I inhaled deeply and then slowly, slowly exhaled. I am committed, I look up and see a rock protruding, I reach for it with my right hand I test it no movement. I do the same with my left hand. Looking down I see space, nothing but space then my eyes ketch movement it’s the wings of a bird far below."
"Route for climbing is in good condition, but much of the fixed ropes are buried deep in the snow and going through difficult passages requires full concentration. There isn’t deep snow, but there are very strong icy areas" Petrov communicated from BC, last week. “[we] will go up directly to C2...

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