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First reported Sep 19 2014 - Updated Sep 19 2014 - 1 reports

Erythropoietin Protects Cardiomyocytes from Cell Death during Hypoxia/Reperfusion Injury through Activation of Survival Signaling Pathways

AbstractHypoxia/Reoxygenation (H/R) cardiac injury is of great importance in understanding Myocardial Infarctions, which affect a major part of the working population causing debilitating side effects and often-premature mortality. H/R injury primarily ... [Published - Sep 19 2014]
First reported Sep 17 2014 - Updated Sep 17 2014 - 1 reports

Mapping early fate determination in Lgr5+ crypt stem cells using a novel Ki67-RFP allele

AbstractCycling Lgr5 + stem cells fuel the rapid turnover of the adult intestinal epithelium. The existence of quiescent Lgr5 + cells has been reported, while an alternative quiescent stem cell population is believed to reside at crypt position +4. Here, ... [Published EMBO Journal - Sep 17 2014]
First reported Sep 10 2014 - Updated Sep 10 2014 - 1 reports

Evidence for a Lectin Specific for Sulfated Glycans in the Salivary Gland of the Malaria Vector, Anopheles gambiae

AbstractSalivary gland homogenate (SGH) from the female mosquitoes Anopheles gambiae , An. stephensi , An. freeborni , An. dirus and An. albimanus were found to exhibit hemagglutinating (lectin) activity. Lectin activity was not found for male An. gambiae ... [Published - Sep 10 2014]
First reported Sep 04 2014 - Updated Sep 04 2014 - 1 reports

Subacute Intranasal Administration of Tissue Plasminogen Activator Promotes Neuroplasticity and Improves Functional Recovery following Traumatic Brain Injury in Rats

IntroductionTraumatic brain injury (TBI) remains a leading cause of mortality and morbidity worldwide [1] , [2] . To date, there is no effective pharmacological therapy available for TBI. For decades, significant efforts have been devoted to the development ... [Published - Sep 04 2014]
First reported Aug 25 2014 - Updated Aug 25 2014 - 1 reports

Nuclear Glycolytic Enzyme Enolase of Toxoplasma gondii Functions as a Transcriptional Regulator

AbstractApicomplexan parasites including Toxoplasma gondii have complex life cycles within different hosts and their infectivity relies on their capacity to regulate gene expression. However, little is known about the nuclear factors that regulate gene ... [Published - Aug 25 2014]
First reported Aug 22 2014 - Updated Aug 22 2014 - 1 reports

The MAP Kinase p38 Is Part of Drosophila melanogaster's Circadian Clock

IntroductionCircadian clocks provide a key advantage to organism allowing them to prepare in advance for daily environmental changes. They control daily rhythms in physiology and behavior, as locomotor activity, sleep-wake cycles and hormonal secretion. ... [Published - Aug 22 2014]
Entities: Neuron, Kinase, RNAi
First reported Aug 14 2014 - Updated Aug 14 2014 - 1 reports

Small RNAs in Blood May Reveal Heart Injury

An increase in certain micro ribonucleic acids (RNAs) circulating in the blood are linked with injury to cardiac muscle and these molecules might provide the basis for a more sensitive diagnostic tool than those currently available.These small RNA molecules ... [Published Lab Medica - Aug 14 2014]

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Erythropoietin Protects Cardiomyocytes from Cel... [Published - Sep 19 2014]
Mapping early fate determination in Lgr5+ crypt... [Published EMBO Journal - Sep 17 2014]
Evidence for a Lectin Specific for Sulfated Gly... [Published - Sep 10 2014]
Subacute Intranasal Administration of Tissue Pl... [Published - Sep 04 2014]
Nuclear Glycolytic Enzyme Enolase of Toxoplasma... [Published - Aug 25 2014]
The MAP Kinase p38 Is Part of Drosophila melano... [Published - Aug 22 2014]
Small RNAs in Blood May Reveal Heart Injury [Published Lab Medica - Aug 14 2014]
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