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Insight - What's in a Scent? Perfume Makers Adapt to EU Rules

PARIS  - Seaweed may not be the first ingredient that springs to mind for perfume. But algae are among obscure ingredients to which perfume makers are turning to preserve the scent of their fragrances in the face of new EU anti-allergy restrictions.The ... [Published Sudan Vision Daily - 28 mins ago]
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Premature Birth, Poor Development May Be Detected With A Urine Test

Imagine being able to tell whether your baby will be premature or suffer poor growth during the early stages of pregnancy by providing just a urine sample. Researchers from Imperial College London collaborated with some from the University of Crete and ... [Published Medical Daily - 1 hour ago]
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Tech magic helps test new drugs cheaply

When one speaks of the technological revolution we are living through, it is important to appreciate that there are two sides to this brave new world. There is the side that we physically face every day. When you hold your smart phone in your hand, or ... [Published The Times Of Israel - 2 hours ago]
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Scientists discover molecule that controls appetite

A molecule produced in the colon has been found to control appetite, a discovery which could help the future treatment of conditions such as obesity and anorexia nervosa.While the existence of the molecule was known, its purpose had remained a mystery ... [Published Sydney Morning Herald - 4 hours ago]
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The Hottest Spot for Cosmic Rays

A new study has narrowed down where the highest energy cosmic rays originate, and they’re probably from beyond our galaxy. However, there’s another whole area of research using other particles to study the universe: astroparticle physics. Instead, much ... [Published Austin American Statesman - 7 hours ago]
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Hydroxyethyl starch has direct harmful effects on kidney cells, lab study finds -- ScienceDaily

The increased risk of kidney injury related to the use of hydroxyethyl starch (HES) in resuscitation fluids reflects the mass of HES molecules, according to a report in Anesthesia & Analgesia, official journal of the International Anesthesia Research ... [Published DailyMe.Com - Jul 12 2014]
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Blame it on the astrocytes: does brain's most abundant cell type have role in neurological disorders?

In the brains of all vertebrates, information is transmitted through synapses, a mechanism that allows an electric or chemical signal to be passed from one brain cell to another. Chemical synapses, which are the most abundant type of synapse, can be either ... [Published Science Daily - Jul 12 2014]
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Test Could Predict Premature Births

Researchers in Europe say a non-invasive test could help predict if pregnant women will deliver premature babies.London mother Emily Boughen treasures every moment with her three-year-old son Finlay.She nearly lost him when he was born three months early, ... [Published KEYC Television - Jul 12 2014]
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Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Self-Emulsifying Drug-Delivery Systems (SEDDS): Influence of Excipients on Droplet Nanostructure and Drug Localization

In this study, molecular dynamics (MD) simulations were applied to model the lipidic nanoscale droplets that form when self-emulsifying drug-delivery systems (SEDDS) disperse into microemulsions in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. The influence of the ... [Published Langmuir - Jul 11 2014]
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Molecular snapshots of oxygen formation in photosynthesis

[2014-07-10] Reers from Umeå University have explored two different ways that allow unprecedented experimental insights into the reaction sequence leading to the formation of oxygen molecules in photosynthesis. The two studies have been published in the ... [Published Noodls - Jul 11 2014]
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Top-down meets bottom-up to make arrays of single-molecule detection wells

Single-molecule imaging has provided an important tool for a range of biological studies and technology developments, such as real-time DNA sequencing. However, the challenge in a biological system is not always detecting the molecules, but making sure ... [Published - Jul 11 2014]
First reported Jul 11 2014 - Updated Jul 11 2014 - 2 reports

Urine test could predict preterm birth and delivery of small babies

Testing for molecules present in the urine of pregnant women could indicate whether a baby will be born preterm or the fetus will suffer poor growth. New re published in the open access journal BMC Medicine has investigated the levels of the small molecules ... [Published MyScience - Jul 11 2014]


"Big brands tell me: replace this and that and make sure it smells the same and costs the same to produce" Roucel said
"Future investigation of the factors that produce the molecules associated with these pregnancy outcomes should improve our understanding of the genetic and environmental factors that influence restricted fetal growth, and thus help us to reduce the likelihood of these events. We will also go on to test if exposure to these metabolites during pregnancy has a lasting impact on child development after birth" Keun said
"The beauty with Insl5 is that it does its business in the gut and then the gut talks to the brain and so it doesn’t have to get through the blood-brain barrier which will make a huge difference in the logistics involved with developing a drug" Dr de Aizpurua said
...findings say about the relationship between cancer and neurodegeneration - two of the most common diseases of old age - is still unclear, he adds. "All we can say here is that APP and ZNF395, besides being associated with neurodegeneration, also seem to play a functional role in the progression of breast cancer. We can't really make any statements about why this is - it could simply be that breast cancer cells use whatever mechanisms necessary to spread throughout the body, and these genes serve that purpose."

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Insight - What's in a Scent? Perfume Makers Ada... [Published Sudan Vision Daily - 28 mins ago]
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Special report: Perfume makers adapt to EU rules [Published Yahoo Philippines News - Jul 12 2014]
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First boron ‘buckyball’ could be used to store ... [Published blogs - 1 hour ago]
Originally posted on - blogs by NPG staff Just in time for the World Cup final, researchers have succeeded in building the first “buckyballs”  made entirely of boron atoms. Unlike true, carbon-based buckyballs, the boron molecules are not shaped exactly ...
MicroRNA: New Tx Target in Bone Diseases? (CME/CE) [Published - medical news plus CME for ph ... - Jul 12 2014]
(MedPage Today) -- The microRNA molecule miR-34a is a key suppressor of osteoclast development, bone resorption, and the bone metastatic niche, and it could prove to be an important target for new therapies in osteoporosis and cancers that metastasize ...
[tt] NS 2976: Ancient water cache may be pristi... [Published TranshumanTech - Jul 12 2014]
NS 2976: Ancient water cache may be pristine primordial soup * 02 July 2014 by Catherine Brahic, SacramentoDeep rocks have been cracked open and ...
Modern YEC is Not An Aberration of Traditional ... [Published ScienceBlogs : Combined Feed - Jul 12 2014]
As it happens, the previous post was mostly a digression from what I really wanted to discuss. The set-up here is that back in 2007, philosopher Mary Midgley published a pamphlet discussing creationism, intelligent design, education, and various ...
Your Genes Are Making You Fat: 3 Ways to Defy Y... [Published Wall St. Cheat Sheet - Jul 11 2014]
Source: Thinkstock It’s no secret that obesity is an epidemic in the United States, with one-third of U.S. adults ( 34.9 percent ) being obese. Aside from costing the country over $147 billion in medical costs, the epidemic is related to other conditions, ...
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Perfume industry prepares for EU ban [Published Reuters Video: Business - Jul 08 2014]

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Galapagos initiates Phase 1 study with GLPG1690... [Published GlobeNewswire: Acquisitions News - Jul 01 2014]
MacroGenics Initiates Phase 1 Study of MGD006 f... [Published GlobeNewswire: Acquisitions News - Jun 19 2014]
G1 Therapeutics Completes Leadership Team With ... [Published GlobeNewswire: Acquisitions News - Jun 17 2014]
Takasago and Amyris to Begin Commercialization ... [Published GlobeNewswire: Advertising News - Jun 09 2014]
Nexam’s patent application regarding PETA is ap... [Published GlobeNewswire: Acquisitions News - Jun 02 2014]
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