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Prolific Inventor & Ig Nobel Prize Winner Yoshiro Nakamatsu Is Coming to Boston

Yoshiro Nakamatsu, from the documentary “The Invention of Dr. Nakamats."He’s the self-professed inventor of the floppy disk – and of a self-defense wig . He was awarded the Ig Nobel Prize in 2005 at Harvard for taking a picture of every meal he’d eaten ... [Published Bostinno - 8 hours ago]
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Inside an innovation giant I: Smart people, hard problems

Bell Labs is arguably one of the 20th century’s most innovative organisations.Founded by Alexander Graham Bell — the inventor of the telephone — Bell Labs has been credited with the development of radio astronomy, the transistor, the laser, the charge-coupled ... [Published Enterprise Innovation - 9 hours ago]
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BostInno Approved 9/15-9/19: Business Edition

Techies, another new week means another new set of awesome events to check out. If the chilly weather has you retreating back inside from the end-of-summer outdoor meetups, then we've got some perfect events for you to escape the quickly-dipping temperatures. ... [Published Bostinno - 10 hours ago]
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A Discoverer as Elusive as His Particle

Photo Credit Elwood H. Smith EDINBURGH, Scotland — Peter Higgs, 85, who was widely expected to earn the Nobel Prize[1] in Physics last year, decided to get out of town on the day the winners were announced.Unfortunately, his car wasn’t working. He only ... [Published DailyMe.Com - 11 hours ago]
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How You Look From the Other Side of the Register

Most people know about many health risks involved in eating fast food, and the assumption is that most people also want to avoid these risks, whether they do or not. But what most people do not think about is the fact that the employees working at fast ... [Published NDSU Spectrum - 16 hours ago]
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Institute of Space Sciences and Astronomy to be opened with a big bang

ISSA to organise a 3-day workshop ‘Cosmology in the Med’ in the run up to Science in the CityStaff ReporterProfessor George Smoot will be giving a public lecture on The Big Bang Theory on Wednesday 24 September at Valletta Campus.Big Bang theory fans ... [Published MaltaToday - 18 hours ago]
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Independence 'will weaken economy'

A majority of city fund managers think the economy of an independent Scotland would become weaker over the long-term, according to a survey. Research by spread betting company Capital Spreads found that 65% of investors expect Scotland's economy to be ... [Published Wharfvalley - Sep 15 2014]
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Nobel-winning biologist followed his dad

LINDAU, Germany - , an American immunologist and geneticist, is a co-recipient of the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his contributions toward the discovery of the activation of innate immunity, an individual’s natural resistance toward ... [Published Korea Joongang Daily - Sep 14 2014]
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Mathematics and women

In August, Maryam Mirzakhani became the first woman in history to win a Fields Medal, known as "math's Nobel Prize." This is a cause for celebration, but also for reflection.Subscribers must LOG-IN to read this full story.Monthly and yearly online subscriptions ... [Published North West Arkansas Times - Sep 14 2014]
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Ngugi favoured to win 2014 Nobel Prize

Perhaps an African writer will be garlanded by the Swedish Academy this year. Last year, Nigerian writers, Ben Okri and Chimamanda, were among global writers being tipped for the prize by bookmakers. This year, the Kenyan writer, Ngugi wa Thiong’o, and ... [Published Daily Sun - Sep 13 2014]
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Marcia held Nobel Prize

The latest gossip from Guardian AngelWe’ve had an interesting footnote to a column from Trish Burgess in our sister paper, The Lincolnshire Free Press, who focused on Holbeach-born Sir Norman Angell, the author and lecturer awarded the Nobel Peace Pr ... [Published Spalding Guardian - Sep 10 2014]
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Watch a Nobel Prize–Winning Economist Smash America's Excuses for Not Raising the Minimum Wage

For two years now, increasing numbers of fast-food workers have participated in strikes and protests call for higher wages. Last week , in the largest action yet—which resulted in more than 500 arrests—workers took to the streets in cities across the ... [Published TakePart - Sep 10 2014]


"It means that there will be less space for the rest of what we call biological diversity."
"They will open the gates of hell to spill out on the world," he said. "This is not a Sunni versus Sunni [conflict]. This is ISIL versus mankind."
Also in the same column, Imrem stated that "Bud Selig never should have continued running Major League Baseball after being the sultan of steroids during the 1990s" . Well now, isn't that interesting of Imrem to put that in print about Selig?
The Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony — The Ig Nobel Prizes "honor achievements that first make people laugh, and then makes them think." Take one of this year's winners: Dr. Yoshiro Nakamatsu, also known as Dr. NakaMats...

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Sen. Lindsey Graham: 'They will open the gates ... [Published Daily Kos - 10 hours ago]
BostInno Approved 9/15-9/19: Business Edition [Published Bostinno - 10 hours ago]
A Discoverer as Elusive as His Particle [Published DailyMe.Com - 11 hours ago]
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Rosa DeLauro Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month [Published Congresswoman Rosa L. DeLauro - 11 hours ago]
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Sen. Lindsey Graham: 'They will open the gates ... [Published Daily Kos - 10 hours ago]
These people are nuts .In an interview on "Fox News Sunday," [Sen. Lindsey Graham] said the Obama administration is "delusional" for thinking it can counter the Islamic State, a terrorist group in Syria sometimes called ISIS or ISIL, primarily through ...
Facts About Women In Universities In Iran [Published St George West - 23 hours ago]
"...we invest heavily in making it possible for people with IQs of 70 to easily get a doctorate from an Azad university. It is not an education system; it is an education market." By Ali Mehraspand: It has recently been reported in the ...
Letting the Rich Take All The Money [Published Firedoglake - Sep 14 2014]
Robert Shiller, who was awarded the 2013 Economics Nobel prize, offered his explanation of the current state of hostilities in the world, comparing it to the 1930s. The current world situation is not nearly so dire, but there are parallels, particularly ...
Stiglitz vs. Krugman on Scotland; Polls Diverge... [Published Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis - Sep 14 2014]
New Fearmongering Tactics In the waning moments UK prime Minister David Cameron warns Scots " Leave and You Go Forever ".Actually, the warning probably should be " Stay and you stay forever " because the UK will never allow such a vote again.Regardless, ...
Larry Summers on Oil Exports, Part II, by David... [Published EconLog - Sep 13 2014]
Yesterday, I posted about Larry Summers's excellent speech making the case against government restrictions on exports of oil and natural gas. It was getting overly long and so this is Part II. I'll start by highlighting, and responding to, the ...
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Tidying Up the Genome [Published Slate Magazine - Jul 19 2014]
Enemy and The Double [Published Slate Magazine - May 09 2014]
Paul Krugman Isn’t a Hypocrite [Published Slate Magazine - Apr 17 2014]

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Own The Future Feb 5&6 - Press invitation [Published Hammer & Hanborg Aktiebolag - Feb 05 2014]
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