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Playing with the Legos of life

Concordia team turning microscopic biology into machinery.A group of Concordia students and professors would love to use algae to fuel your car, fill your belly, and improve your life. The team, composed of 23 members, will showcase their research at ... [Published Concordia University Concordian - 1 hour ago]
Entities: Algae, Hydrocarbon, Plasmid
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Apparatus for and method of processing biological samples

The present invention provides systems, devices, apparatuses and methods for automated bioprocessing. Examples of protocols and bioprocessing procedures suitable for the present invention include but are not limited to: immunoprecipitation, chromatin ... [Published Free Patents Online - 3 hours ago]
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Cyanobacterium sp. host cell and vector for production of chemical compounds in cyanobacterial cultures

A cyanobacterial host cell, Cyanobacterium sp., that harbors at least one recombinant gene for the production of a chemical compounds is provided, as well as vectors derived from an endogenous plasmid isolated from the cell. ... [Published Free Patents Online - 4 hours ago]
Entities: host cell, Vector, Chemical
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Effects of hepatitis C virus gene NS2 on the expressions of Bcl-2 and Bax in HepG2 cells

AbstractObjective: To study the effects of hepatitis C virus gene nonstructural protein 2 on the expressions of Bcl-2 and Bax in liver hepatocellular cells.Method: The study was conducted at the Department of Infectious Diseases, the First Affiliated ... [Published JPMA - 23 hours ago]
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PRO/EDR> Gram-negative bacilli, MDR - Uruguay: (FD) KPC, nosocomial, fatal

Hospital-Related Infection -- Worldwide/Unknown1. Lopez JA, Correa A, Navon-Venezia S, et al: Intercontinental spread from Israel to Colombia of a KPC-3-producing _Klebsiella pneumoniae_ strain. Clin Microbiol Infect. 2011; 17(1): 52-6 available at .2. ... [Published HealthMap Global Disease Alerts - Sep 28 2014]
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Artificial Citrate Operon Confers Mineral Phosphate Solubilization Ability to Diverse Fluorescent Pseudomonads

by Hemanta Adhikary, Paulomi B. Sanghavi, Silviya R. Macwan, Gattupalli Archana, G. Naresh KumarCitric acid is a strong acid with good cation chelating ability and can be very efficient in solubilizing mineral phosphates. Only a few phosphate solubilizing ... [Published - Sep 27 2014]
Entities: Citrate, Operon, Phosphate
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New approach to target antimicrobial resistance

Source: Centres for Disease Control and PreventionResistant bacteria, such as methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (pictured), may be targeted in a new way, suggest researchers.Current antibiotics tend to be broad-spectrum, leading to indiscriminate ... [Published Pharmaceutical Journal - Sep 26 2014]
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Plasmidome Interchange between Clostridium botulinum, Clostridium novyi and Clostridium haemolyticum Converts Strains of Independent Lineages into Distinctly Different Pathogens

by Hanna Skarin, Bo SegermanClostridium botulinum (group III), Clostridium novyi and Clostridium haemolyticum are well-known pathogens causing animal botulism, gas gangrene/black disease, and bacillary hemoglobinuria, respectively. A close genetic relationship ... [Published - Sep 25 2014]
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Ca2+-Mediated Anionic Lipid–Plasmid DNA Lipoplexes. Electrochemical, Structural, and Biochemical Studies

Several experimental methods, such as zeta potential, gel electrophoresis, small-angle X-ray scattering, gene transfection, fluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry, and cell viability/cytotoxicity assays, have been used to analyze the potential of anionic ... [Published Langmuir - Sep 25 2014]
Entities: Plasmid, Lipid, DNA, Biochemicals
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Novel antibiotic class created

One of the bacteria targeted in the experiments was a strain of E. coli Scientists have designed a new class of antibiotic which seeks and destroys resistance genes in bacteria.The unique approach could be used to genetically engineer bacteria in our ... [Published BBC - Sep 24 2014]
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Correlation between fibronectin binding protein A expression level at the surface of recombinant ...

Fibronectin Binding Protein A (FnBPA) is an invasin from Staphylococcus aureus that allows this pathogen to internalize into eukaryote cells. It was previously demonstrated that recombinant Lactococcus lactis expressing FnBPA were invasive and able to ... [Published 7thSpace - Sep 25 2014]
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Sandia researchers find clues to superbug evolution

Sandia National Laboratories’ researchers Kelly Williams, left, and Corey Hudson look at the mosaic pattern of one of the Klebsiella pneumoniae plasmids and discuss mechanisms that mobilize resistance genes. (Photo by Dino Vournas) Click on the thumbnail ... [Published Sandia National Laboratories - Sep 23 2014]


According to the new marketmarket research report " Epigenetics Market by Product (Modifying Enzymes, DNA Polymerase, Acetylase, Methyltransferase, Instruments & Consumables, Kit, Bisulphite Conversion Kit, Reagents), by Research Area (Developmental Biology, Oncology), by End User - Global Forecast to 2019 ", published by MarketsandMarkets , provides a detailed overview of the major drivers, restraints, opportunities, current market trends, and strategies impacting the global epigenetics market along with the estimates and forecasts of the revenue and market share analysis."
In a recent report, targeted phage can be used to direct an immune response to a tumor site (Eriksson, et al. 2006 "Tumor specific phage particles promote tumor regression in a mouse melanoma" Cancer Immunol Immunother Pub online September 12)...
According to the new marketmarket research report "RNA Analysis/Transcriptomics Market by Technology (Microarray, PCR, NGS, RNAi), by Application (Clinical Diagnostics, Drug Discovery, Toxicogenomics), by End-User (Academic Research, Pharmaceutical and Biotech Companies) - Global Forecast to 2019" , published by MarketsandMarkets , the global Transcriptomics Market is estimated to be worth $1985.5 Million
Reporters obtained the following quote from the background information supplied by the inventors: "The discipline of metabolic engineering was defined fifteen years ago as 'the improvement of cellular activities by manipulations of enzymatic, transport, and regulatory functions of the cell with the use of recombinant DNA technology' (Bailey 1991). Since that time, the field has witnessed a number of success stories with respect to the development of highly productive organisms, especially microbes. Initially, metabolic engineering efforts were primarily focused on improving the productivity of naturally-occurring metabolites in the target organisms, as is consistent with Bailey's original definition. More recently, the field has expanded to encompass a number of examples of introducing new enzyme activities into a host cell in order to produce non-natural products ( Nielsen 2001). Non-natural products are defined in this case as compounds that are foreign to the production organism. Thus, such compounds may still be found in other organisms (e g., plant natural products), or they may be novel, structurally distinct from those known to exist in nature."

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Playing with the Legos of life [Published Concordia University Concordian - 1 hour ago]
Apparatus for and method of processing biologic... [Published Free Patents Online - 3 hours ago]
Cyanobacterium sp. host cell and vector for pro... [Published Free Patents Online - 4 hours ago]
Transgenic Mice Expressing Yeast CUP1 Exhibit I... [Published - 18 hours ago]
Epigenetics Market Worth $783.17 Million By 2019 [Published - 20 hours ago]
Effects of hepatitis C virus gene NS2 on the ex... [Published JPMA - 23 hours ago]
PRO/EDR> Gram-negative bacilli, MDR - Urugua... [Published HealthMap Global Disease Alerts - Sep 28 2014]
Liposome composition for targeting egfr receptor [Published PharmCast - Sep 28 2014]
Artificial Citrate Operon Confers Mineral Phosp... [Published - Sep 27 2014]
Emerging Threats Quarterly Report â Pig Disease... [Published The Pig Site - Sep 27 2014]
Senior Research Associate - Biology (Non-PhD) [Published PharmaDiversity - Sep 26 2014]
AcrB, AcrD, and MdtABC Multidrug Efflux Systems... [Published - Sep 26 2014]
RNA Analysis/Transcriptomics Market Worth $3,77... [Published - Sep 26 2014]
New approach to target antimicrobial resistance [Published Pharmaceutical Journal - Sep 26 2014]
Recombinant attenuated dengue viruses comprisin... [Published PharmCast - Sep 26 2014]
A Widely Used In Vitro Biofilm Assay Has Questi... [Published - Sep 25 2014]
A versatile and highly efficient method for sca... [Published 7thSpace - Sep 25 2014]
Plasmidome Interchange between Clostridium botu... [Published - Sep 25 2014]
Beyond GMOs: The Rise of Synthetic Biology [Published Atlantic Monthly - Sep 25 2014]
Ca2+-Mediated Anionic Lipid–Plasmid DNA Lipople... [Published Langmuir - Sep 25 2014]
The Meganuclease I-SceI Containing Nuclear Loca... [Published - Sep 25 2014]
Characterization of Small HSPs from Anemonia vi... [Published - Sep 25 2014]
Correlation between fibronectin binding protein... [Published 7thSpace - Sep 25 2014]
Patent Issued for Glucose Valve and Other Metab... [Published - Sep 25 2014]
Researchers Submit Patent Application, "Anti-Vc... [Published - Sep 25 2014]
Endocyte : Patent Issued for Vitamin-Targeted I... [Published 4 Traders - Sep 24 2014]
New Findings in Tissue Engineering Described fr... [Published 4 Traders - Sep 24 2014]
New Data from Soochow University Illuminate Fin... [Published - Sep 24 2014]
Editing The Genes Of Superbugs To Turn Off Anti... [Published Popular Science - New Technology, Science News, ... - Sep 24 2014]
Novel antibiotic class created [Published BBC - Sep 24 2014]
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Editing The Genes Of Superbugs To Turn Off Anti... [Published Popular Science - New Technology, Science News, ... - Sep 24 2014]
Resistant Tuberculosis CDC Over the past decade, deadly bacteria such as MRSA, C. difficile, and even tuberculosis have developed numerous mechanisms to keep themselves alive at all cost – mostly against antibiotics. Some bacteria have the ability ...
Battling superbugs [Published MIT News feed - Sep 21 2014]
In recent years, new strains of bacteria have emerged that resist even the most powerful antibiotics. Each year, these superbugs, including drug-resistant forms of tuberculosis and staphylococcus, infect more than 2 million people nationwide, and kill ...
Our Cells Will Be Guided and Protected by Machines [Published Fight Aging! - Sep 19 2014]
A gulf presently lies between the nanoscale engineering of materials science on the one hand and the manipulation and understanding of evolved biological machinery on the other. In time that gulf will close: future industries will be capable of producing ...
Creative Biomart Newly Introduced Its Stable Ce... [Published Press Releases - Sep 11 2014]
Shirley, NY, September 11, 2014 --( )-- Creative Biomart today has given an announcement that they would release their new service-stable cell line service in this very day to meet their customer’s need. Stable cell lines are essential for protein ...
Religious fundamentalists try to prove fetal DN... [Published ScienceBlogs : Combined Feed - Sep 09 2014]
There are some myths, bits of misinformation, or lies about medicine that I like to refer to zombie quackery. The reasons are obvious. Like at the end of a horror movie, just when you think the myth is finally dead, its rotting hand rises out of the ...
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