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First reported Aug 22 2014 - Updated 12 hours ago - 1 reports

First direct evidence of 'spin symmetry' in atoms -- ScienceDaily

Just as diamonds with perfect symmetry may be unusually brilliant jewels, the quantum world has a symmetrical splendor of high scientific value.Confirming this exotic quantum physics theory, JILA physicists led by theorist Ana Maria Rey and experimentalist ... [Published DailyMe.Com - Aug 22 2014]
First reported 19 hours ago - Updated 19 hours ago - 1 reports

Self Esteem - The Foundation of True Happiness And Personal Effectiven

Today sees the launch of a trilogy of videos on ess. Want more inspiration? Visit http://advancedmindpowertraining.com/ for FREE Advanced Mind Power Training videos.I can hear your voice now, "Self esteem!!! Isn't that a bit 'old school' Colin"I get ... [Published StreetFire Video Network - 19 hours ago]
First reported Aug 22 2014 - Updated Aug 22 2014 - 1 reports

Tilley: 'What if' remains a crucial question

Joshua Jackson cuts a large piece of cake while Roberto Orci and Kathy Lingg watch when “Fringe” celebrated 100 episodes in Dec. 2012. (Photo: For FOX)Our modern world is profoundly influenced by rapid developments in science, technology, engineering, ... [Published Florida Today - Aug 22 2014]
First reported Aug 21 2014 - Updated Aug 21 2014 - 1 reports

Space's quantum physics confound scientists

In the Universe we find enormous clouds of gas and dust, called nebulae, between the stars. We want to know how much of each chemical element is present in these nebulae, because it tells us a lot about a specific nebula and also guides our ideas of how ... [Published Mail & Guardian Online - Aug 21 2014]
First reported Aug 20 2014 - Updated Aug 20 2014 - 1 reports

Function Space Brings Its Learning, Discussing And Problem Solving Science Platform To iOS

Most educational platforms feature a core trait such as learning, discussing or problem solving.Function Space[1], a social learning science network, wants to bring the three together for free in a cross-platform learning portal aimed at corporate research ... [Published DailyMe.Com - Aug 20 2014]
First reported Aug 19 2014 - Updated Aug 19 2014 - 1 reports

How ‘Contagion’ Became Contagious

Facebook wound up in hot water last month after revealing it had drawn on its own users as unwitting test subjects in an experiment on “emotional contagion.” Legal and ethical hand-wringing ensued, but it seems to have blown over as quickly as it blew ... [Published Pacific Standard - Aug 19 2014]
First reported Aug 18 2014 - Updated Aug 18 2014 - 1 reports

Naïve Realism, or the Strange Case of Physics and Fake Philosophers (Part 2)

Co-written by Menas Kafatos, Ph.D.Scientists have assigned the role of Mister Answer to science, the source of knowledge on every subject. This is peculiar because science does not accept a complete body of knowledge at any one time as final, therefore ... [Published Huffington Post - Aug 18 2014]
First reported Aug 17 2014 - Updated Aug 17 2014 - 1 reports

The story of light seeks to illuminate minds

Panaji: The story of light is one that has been passed down millenniums. From Egypt to Peru, the sun was worshipped, and in India, the Surya Namaskar (sun salutation) is central to the practice of yoga.In modern day times, the story of light is being ... [Published Times of India - Aug 17 2014]
First reported Aug 04 2014 - Updated Aug 04 2014 - 2 reports

‘Impossible’ Space Engine Might Work, NASA Test Suggests

Mike Wall — Space.com NASA researchers have reported fresh evidence that an “impossible” space propulsion technology might actually work. A study from NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston says a microwave thruster system that requires no propellant ... [Published Lifeboat News The Blog - Aug 04 2014]
First reported Aug 04 2014 - Updated Aug 04 2014 - 1 reports

A ‘larger truth’ about quantum physics

My attention was called to a Letter to the Editor (Inquirer, July 14) written by Dr. Mary Jacquiline T. Romero of the School of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Glasgow, United Kingdom. In that letter, Romero stated that my article about quantum ... [Published Philippine Daily Inquirer - Aug 04 2014]
First reported Jul 29 2014 - Updated Jul 30 2014 - 3 reports

Quantum physics: Finding a quantum Cheshire Cat

The first experimental demonstration of the recently predicted “quantum Cheshire Cat” is reported this week in Nature Communications.The quantum Cheshire Cat consists of the separation of a particle, such as a photon or neutron, from one of its physical ... [Published Natureasia.com - Jul 29 2014]
First reported Jul 29 2014 - Updated Jul 29 2014 - 2 reports

Boosting the Force of Empty Space

Vacuum fluctuations may be among the most counter-intuitive phenomena of quantum physics. Theorists from the Weizmann Institute (Rehovot, Israel) and the Vienna University of Technology propose a way to amplify their force. Vacuum is not as empty as one ... [Published DailyMe.Com - Jul 29 2014]


According to the news reporters, the research concluded: "These excellent results are attributed to the superior properties of the NPLs as optical gain media."
See Jan. 22, 2014, Tech Beat article, "JILA Strontium Atomic Clock Sets New Records in Both Precision and Stability" at http://www.nist.gov/pml/div689/20140122_strontium.cfm
"Our research team is working with Harvard University to develop novel nanoparticles that target and kill prostate cancer cells that have spread to surrounding bone. With conventional techniques, this is extremely difficult to treat. With these nanoparticles, we can also develop imaging probes that will enable us to see where the drug is going to while we deliver it, which we can't do now. This is the future of cancer treatment."
"Up to now I think it has been very interesting," says one of the three women, Noora Tuomisto, a PhD student at Aalto University in Finland.  "Meeting new researchers in your own field is always a good thing, as we can exchange ideas that you may use later in your own work”."

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Self Esteem - The Foundation of True Happiness ... [Published StreetFire Video Network - 19 hours ago]
Tilley: 'What if' remains a crucial question [Published Florida Today - Aug 22 2014]
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First direct evidence of 'spin symmetry' in ato... [Published DailyMe.Com - Aug 22 2014]
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The story of light seeks to illuminate minds [Published Times of India - Aug 17 2014]
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'Gentle Monster' gently rocks sunglass sector [Published Korea Times - Aug 17 2014]
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Eureka! It’s a Talk! [Uncertain Principles] [Published ScienceBlogs : Combined Feed - Aug 14 2014]
Kate and I had a very nice time doing touristy things in Bath yesterday during the day– old church, very old hot spring, Georgian architecture– then went on to Bristol where I gave a talk on the forthcoming book , as you can see in the picture above. ...
Monster waves blamed for shipping disasters – T... [Published MaritimeSecurity.Asia - Aug 11 2014]
An oil tanker heads into a monster wave. Photo: Getty Images When the cruise ship Louis Majesty left Barcelona in eastern Spain for Genoa in northern Italy, it was for the leisurely final leg of a hopscotching tour around the Mediterranean. But the ...
[tt] NS 2980: Einstein's perfect theory: Genera... [Published TranshumanTech - Aug 08 2014]
NS 2980: Einstein's perfect theory: General relativity rebooted http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg22329800.500-einsteins-perfect-theory-general-relativity-rebooted.html * 04 August 2014 by Pedro G. FerreiraPedro G. Ferreira is a professor of astrophysics ...
The Gamification of the Literary Mind [Published Brain Blogger - Aug 07 2014]
In the spring of 2015, Chris Columbus will deliver a film called Pixels , which is basically a bit of sci-fi goofery but which stumbles, too, upon a smart bit of brain science. Aliens have misinterpreted satellite feeds of vintage arcade games and, ...
'Theory of Everything' trailer: Stephen Hawking... [Published Greenspace - Aug 06 2014]
Quantum physics and theoretical cosmology aren't generally the stuff of romance, but the Stephen Hawking biopic "The Theory of Everything" could prove an exception. ...
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Nature Podcast: 27 March 2014 [Published Nature Podcast - Mar 26 2014]
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